Monday, April 16, 2007


The most important thing that I learned was that it really isn't all that intimidating to do all this stuff. For me the hardest part was actually getting logged onto each site. This exercise increased my confidence to explore these new technologies.

Most challenging was actually signing on. My first attempt to get an email account was frustrated by being thrown into a Google beta test of some sort. Once I got past all the idiosyncratic logins and password stuff, it was much more fun.

Certainly libraries can use these sites to communicate in alternate ways to the folks who prefer these venues, or are constantly logged in or logging into these social networking sites.

The module was well-designed. But for non-techies like me, it was indespensible to get help from fellow employees. That in itself was a good feature.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Task #10 Explore myspace is my myspace webpage. Myspace provides a social outlet for anyone. It can be useful for homebound individuals. It can allow for networking easily.

Task #8 YouTube

My user name is molliesgirl

A really silly video about very cute dogs.

Because people can make their personal videos available to a wide audience. Free entertainment for all!!

Libraries can post post all activites to a wide audience.

Task #7 Explore Wikipedia

molliesgirl is my user name.

I question the value and use of a Wikipedia. The very idea that misinformation can sit there until someone might choose to correct it is troublesome for me.

Task #6 Instant messaging

molliesgirl1 (04:55:30 pm): Hi David, I am sending an instant message, Ha! Ha!
(04:55:30 pm)PVLD2007 is no longer signed on.

More Flickr fun!

Originally uploaded by norms.wife.
Lovely children celebrating Chinese New Years at Miraleste Library.

Task #5 Explore Flickr

Originally uploaded by norms.wife.
I chose photos from the library photos folder. I enjoy seeing the many pictures of library events.

Task #4 Take a digital photo

This is my friend Laurie who is helping me complete these tasks.